Python Workout for Beginners Part II

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Course Description


Python Workout for Beginners is designed to improve your understanding of Python. This is a practical course with many practice problems and projects in the end of each section. You will actively solve problems, write your own code from scratch and figure out challenging questions. Practice makes perfect and this course is specifically designed to give you this extra practice to succeed in any Python beginner class you take, whether at school or in college.

Each section has relevant exercises and projects. Every problem will have a step by step solution and visualization where necessary. It is highly advisable to work out on a problem yourself before you look at the solution. Each section ends with the project that will challenge your understanding even more.

The course includes interactive code editor where you can practice the problems. You will be able to do all the problems in this course with the editor. At the end of each section there are 2 explorations for which you will need to use your own code editor and have Python (or Anaconda) installed on your computer. Just make sure that you are using Python 3.9.0 version as this version was used to create the course. If you are using an older version, then some code might not work properly.


  • 69 practice problems
  • projects in the end of each section
  • exciting explorations including topics in data science and machine learning


Better understanding of Python and programming in general, more self-confidence in your skills.


The course consists of two parts. This is part II only. Part I is offered for free on our web-site

Course Lessons

  • Check if the password is good
  • Compute perimeter of a polygon
  • Palindrome string
  • Multiplication table
  • Greatest common divisor
  • Find prime factors
  • Coin flip
  • Average of numbers
  • Discount prices
  • Temperature conversion table
  • Admission price
  • Project 1: Calculate π with Python
  • Project 1 solution
  • Project 2: Rock, scissors, paper game
  • Project 2 solution
  • Exploration 1: Visualization with Matplotlib
  • Exploration 2: Introduction to Pandas


  • Compute the hypotenuse
  • Shipping cost calculator
  • Is the number prime?
  • Median of three numbers
  • Random password generator
  • Check if the password is good
  • Make a triangle
  • Reverse a word
  • Position a word in the center
  • Perfect number
  • Pascal’s triangle
  • Decorate the word
  • Project 1: Text based animations
  • Project 1 solution
  • Project 2: Weather forecast
  • Exploration 1: Introduction to NumPy
  • Exploration 2: Introduction to Machine Learning I
Lists and Dictionaries:
  • Sort numbers
  • Arrange integers
  • Avoid duplicates
  • Format a list
  • Lottery numbers
  • Sublists of a list
  • Square the number
  • List overlap
  • Convert string to a list
  • Extract single key-value pair
  • Reverse lookup
  • Unique characters
  • Anagrams
  • Sort dictionary by value
  • Project 1: The sieve of Eratosthenes
  • Project 1 solution
  • Project 2: Personality test
  • Project 2 solution
  • Exploration 1: Introduction to SciPy
  • Exploration2: Introduction to Machine Learning II
Files and Recursion:
  • Open file
  • Remove end of line characters
  • Writing output to a file
  • Command line arguments
  • Exception
  • Concatenate multiple file
  • Display last lines of a file
  • Summing integers
  • Fibonacci numbers
  • Counting characters
  • Add the values
  • Sum of series
  • Project: DNA to protein translation
  • Project solution
  • Exploration 1: Introduction to Machine Learning III
  • Exploration 2: Introduction to Machine Learning IV

Course delivery method and timing:

Once you purchased the course, you will need to go to and create an account. Within 24 hours the course will be added to your account. You can start working on the course immediately.

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Course format:

The course is web-based. You can participate in the course by logging into your account and navigating to the course page. This is not a downloadable course.

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