Python Workout for Beginners Part II

Essential practice problems for beginners.

· December 28, 2020


Python Workout for Beginners is designed to improve your understanding of Python. This is a practical course with many practice problems and projects in the end of each section. You will actively solve problems, write your own code from scratch and figure out challenging questions. Practice makes perfect and this course is specifically designed to give you this extra practice to succeed in any Python beginner class you take, whether at school or in college.

Each section has relevant exercises and projects. Every problem will have a step by step solution and visualization where necessary. It is highly advisable to work out on a problem yourself before you look at the solution. Each section ends with the project that will challenge your understanding even more.

The course includes interactive code editor where you can practice the problems. You will be able to do all the problems in this course with the editor. At the end of each section there are 2 explorations for which you will need to use your own code editor and have Python (or Anaconda) installed on your computer. Just make sure that you are using Python 3.9.0 version as this version was used to create the course. If you are using an older version, then some code might not work properly.


  • 69 practice problems
  • projects in the end of each section
  • exciting explorations including topics in data science and machine learning


Better understanding of Python and programming in general, more self-confidence in your skills.


The course consists of two parts. This is part II only.

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Course Includes

  • 69 Lessons