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Learn complex analysis, a unifying field of mathematics that connects differential equations, linear algebra, topology and number theory. See for yourself how well you can advance in mathematics.

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Course Description

Complex analysis (also referred to as complex variables) is an important and beautiful classical branch of mathematics that has many useful applications in applied mathematics, physics (particularly quantum mechanics), and engineering. The course will cover integration and differentiation in the complex domain, Cauchy's theorem, Cauchy's integral formula, Laurent expansion, residues, elements of conformal mapping, series and product representations.

How the Course is Taught?

The course will use the following textbook: Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications, Second Edition, by M. J. Ablowitz and A. S. Fokas, Cambridge University Press, 2003

Step One

Once a week, starting February 12 and ending May 27, there will be a lecture posted with the corresponding reading assignment and homework. You can join the course at any point of time.

Step Two

Listen to a lecture, read the assigned material, ask any questions you have in the blog section, and submit the homework.

Step Three

Take mid-test and final test to see your progress and understanding of the material.

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$ 120

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