Discover the Beauty of Abstract Algebra

Learn abstract algebra through innovative approach and see for yourself how well you can advance in mathematics.

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Flexible on-line learning

Flexible learning that meets your requirements while up keeping the high level of content. Instead of going through groups, rings and fields, you will learn abstract algebra through the lens of solving polynomial equations, since the solution of polynomial equations was the aspiration of the main ideas of abstract algebra.

How the Course is Taught?

The course will use the following textbook: Galois Theory for Beginners: A Historical Perspective by Jorg Bewersdorff (Any edition is fine. The textbook has to be purchased separately).

Step One

Once a week, starting February 12 and ending May 27, there will be a lecture posted with the corresponding reading assignment and homework. You can join the course at any point of time.

Step Two

Listen to a lecture, read the assigned material, ask any questions you have in the blog section, and submit the homework.

Step Three

Take mid-test and final test to see your progress and understanding of the material.

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With the on-line learning, you can take your classes at your free time, there are no deadlines and penalty for late submission. At the same time you learn a college level course with the college level tests and assignments.

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$ 120

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